NutriCentre has announced some drastic changes for the year ahead. The nutritional retailer is launching a new scheme called Nutricentre Practitioner Plus this month, to help drive business growth for practitioners, which will also include a new cash rebate incentive.

The new management team at NutriCentre unveiled its plans at a press conference held last week in London. Managing director Jessica Frame, who joined NutriCentre in April last year, explained that the company has had a rethink over the past six months- posing the question: “What is the point of NutriCentre?”

The new changes have been put in place to help support practitioners and to work with them in partnership. The new proposition helps practitioners to build their business, grow their knowledge and promote themselves.

New Practitioner Plus
The most exciting feature of the Practitioner Plus programme is a shareable product protocol list that enables practitioners to recommend products to clients.

After writing a product protocol for their client, the practitioner will be able to email a protocol link to the client. At a click of a button, the client is taken straight to their online basket on the NutriCentre website, listing the recommended products and dosage information. Then the client can simply click the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Practitioner Plus also offers new financial benefits to practitioners; a £10 cash rebate for each client referral to NutriCentre. Alongside this, the retailer is also offering a revised discount system. For accredited practitioners, NutriCentre will offer an exclusive package of a 20% discount off all vitamins, minerals, supplements and textbooks for personal use, plus a 10% discount off all other products. Their clients will also receive 10% discount for 12 months after registration.

Practitioners are also able to obtain more clients, and promote their business and education. Practitioners will be able to share their views and advice with the practitioner population, and post articles and comments on the website blog page. You will also be able to market your services across the different channels and reach out to potential clients, via the website or a local store.

The new Practitioner Plus, which will operate from a dedicated website, will also offer a series of articles and webinars so practitioners can earn CPD points.

Reaching Student Practitioners
NutriCentre has confirmed that they want to support the next generation of nutritionists. Students will be supported with 10% discount off all vitamins, minerals, supplements and textbooks after they enrol onto a course.

The student base can access the online benefits of the Practitioner Plus scheme, including the client protocol scheme and the article/blog sharing programme. After qualification students are automatically moved into the NutriCentre Practitioner Plus scheme, and can enjoy further benefits and support.


NutriCentre Practitioner Plus, which launches later this month, will be available for all accredited practitioners and student practitioners, with plans to extend to health and fitness professionals later in the year.