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People with brains have questions…what are you telling clients about vaccination?

It’s looking like many practitioners – who DO have brains – are choosing not to get vaccinated.

And that’s a personal choice that they are NOT recommending to clients.

But it does get difficult when they ask you “Have you been vaccinated yet?”

When I was editing Here’s Health in the early ‘80s, we were cautious about vaccination – NOT anti-vax – but the position was similar to where we find ourselves now: we were saying to people that they could not just choose to not be vaccinated, but if they chose that for themselves or their children (which was their right), then they HAD to take every other necessary step to build robust immunity. 

The difference now is that OUR government has deliberately gone out of its way to ramp up unnecessary fear and panic. (Daily Telegraph headline, April 2: “State of fear: how ministers ‘used covert tactics’ to keep scared public at home”.)


Like many practitioners, I spend an awful lot of time, effort and hard cash (on supplements, testing and quality food) to make sure I have a functioning immune system (among other things). But now I get to be told by an unfit, obese old fart who pays NO attention to their nutritional status and is being held together by statins, pain-killers and anti-depressants that *I* am a threat to their health.

You may have seen the viral video of an obese teacher looming over a student while berating him for not wearing a mask – while he was trying to eat his lunch! HE was the threat, in her fearful eyes. 

The propaganda has it that we are “defenceless” against this and every other damn virus that is floating out there. Of course we’re not. And this is a virus that has a 99%+ survival rate (unless you are already ill, obese, genetically predisposed to hyperinflammatory states etc etc) and is a severe acute illness that unless are tested for, you may not even know you’ve got! (A classic bit of PsyOps there – meaning that even if you are completely well and/or asymptomatic you can still be counted as a risk to others. George Orwell would be proud.)

“True” numbers and information are incredibly difficult to get hold of. And that’s exacerbated because very few people can stick their necks out and say what they know or what they are thinking, for fear of the social media backlash and cancel culture.

This week I saw yet another commentator blocked from Facebook for wondering in print whether there might be something to the idea that “the virus” escaped from a lab. Ironically, this was the very week that Dr Anthony Fauci voiced the same concern.

Months ago we reported a 2017 warning from Chinese scientists – published in an academic journal – that a virus escape from a Chinese lab was eminently possible.

On top of all that, we’re dealing with the brainless ones’ blinding faith in black and white “science”, when any true scientist will tell you that all science is provisional, and the “facts” change week by week – and this is the normal process of finding “truth”. But politicians and the public want absolute certainties.


One of the few real facts we do know about the vaccines is that they are EXPERIMENTAL. The full tests on them are still underway. This was underlined by University of Oxford Prof Anthony Brooke’s comment that the long-term risks of anti-COVID vaccination, in the young, were “unknown and unknowable” (see our Quote of the Month, on page 4).

Surely the risks to ADULTS are also “unknown and unknowable”?

There’s more misdirection going on with the idea that mRNA technology has been around for ten years or more and is “proven”. Well, while mRNA vaccines have been used in human clinical trials against a handful of infectious diseases, the results have been “modest”. In their 2018 paper “mRNA vaccines – a new era in vaccinology”, mRNA pioneer Drew Weissman, MD, PhD, of the University of Pennsylvania and colleagues concluded that results from the rabies and flu mRNA vaccines were “more modest in humans than was expected based on animal models, a phenomenon also observed with DNA-based vaccines, and the side-effects were not trivial”.

We are seeing deaths and severe side-effects from COVID vaccines. We are also seeing transmission from vaccinated people and infections in vaccinated people. To which the official response is “Well, no vaccine is 100% effective”! 

But the peer pressure to vaccinate is incredible, even without the brain-dead celebrities they are wheeling out to promote it and the “incentives” – which in other countries have included doughnuts, alcohol and ice cream. Way to help your immune system!

In the current climate, no practitioner can say any of this. Maybe you are vaccinated, maybe not. Just keep quiet and carry on. 

Meanwhile, in the interests of “truth”: here are some reliable sources for documented “alternative facts”:

• Australian Anthony Colpo digs out amazing info on the stats behind the stats. He’s been hounded off social media of course, so I keep up with him on the “Telegram” messaging system. His website (slightly less “live”) is

• I also monitor Peter Hitchens of the Daily Mail – – again, he is more vocal on twitter.

• I’d also recommend keeping an eye on “our own” conference star Dr Malcolm Kendrick at – he has done a terrific breakdown of the anomalies in the death stats – showing how COVID deaths were massively over-exaggerated.

(My thanks to Nutritionist & Wellness Consultant Julie S. Wren, DipCNM, for the conversation that got my current thoughts in order on this.)

Simon Martin

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